It has been almost 4 months since I have posted any meaningless details of my life. You might say the creative juices have just not been flowing. As some of you know, I've also been sorting out some life details....

As per my somewhat common repetoire, I find the grocery store as a source of amusement:

After weathering a wicked 24 hour virus, I was in the grocery store gathering...No...Hunting healthy sustenance...I have no rational explanation for why I'm so observant in the grocery store, except that they are doing a good job at marketing their wares. The lighting is such that it's impossible NOT to pay attention to everything. That combined with boredom (and possibly high fever) caused merriment in me this evening...

On an aisle end cap, I spied a book that peaked my interest. On the cover was a graphic that appeared to be a page from an accountants ledger. On it was a spiking graph going ever upwards. The title was a dubious "God's Plan For Your Finances". I would have picked it up and thumbed through it, but didn't as my intial outburst of laughter drew quite a bit of attention from other shoppers and employees. I also seem to have something that borders on a compulsion for buying books these days. There are worse things I suppose...

Apparently, even in times when it's OK to talk on the phone, play games and check your email while grocery shopping, it is still not OK to laugh out loud with no visible sign of provocation, especially when alone. That thought made me laugh harder and longer...I was still giggling off and on when I got to check out. The clerk said, "Let me in on it?"
I said "scuse me?" trying not to laugh. She said, "The funny...What's so funny, I could use a laugh..." I tried to explain it to her. She was clearly not amused. This caused the laughter to start rolling even harder...

The off duty cop watched me carefully as I left the store. I continued to laugh...I had to resist an urge to steady myself on his shoulder because all that laughing made me weak in my post fevered lunacy. Despite the logo "Protect and Serve" emablazoned on the side of many police patrol cars, I suspect that would have gained me a night under the benevolent observation of the local adult day care facility. Only the fear of arrest allowed me to compose myself...

You really had to be there...and have had a high fever, to appreciate it...

Note to self: More fluids when you are sick, Rom...It might help control the dementia.


King of the Jungle my ass

I know, I have too much time on my hands. I cannot figure out why I am so fascinated by this video. Maybe it's the music they chose... They come lumbering around at night and chase lions off their prey. Note how they seem to get on top of the lions, despite the apparent weight difference: http://www.stupidcollege.com/items/Lions-Vs-Hyena Enable your speakers

Crocutta, crocutta...They rove in huge packs. It aint a dog, it aint a cat, nor is it a bear. Some relate it to the Mongoose. Scientists differ in opinion as to their orginin in evolution. Weight 90-190 lbs. Height 35-45 " Predators: None, unless caught alone. This crazy ass dog, cat, bear, mongoose thing has the strongest jaws of any mammal on the planet. It consumes it's prey with little or no waste. They eat bones and all.

In mytholgy they were believed to be able to change sex at will. The female genetalia resembles a penis. The female is the larger of the sexes and they stand dominant over the males in the pack. Freak of nature, but fascinating just the same...

Follow the example of Mother Nature at her finest. Stick with your pack.



Blame Game

Please understand that I think Bush is a moronic imbicile. There is alot of finger pointing going around regarding Katrina's wrath. The blame game... It makes me think of local, state and federal officials standing there, forearms crossed in front of them, pointing fingers in opposite directions at each other, mouth agape with a guilty expression on their face. It makes me think of the term that sailors refer to as, "The Perfect Storm".

Pointing fingers at a time like this is...Well...pointless. The perfect storm hit in a bad place and time. The city was ill prepared. The state was ill prepared. The federal government was too slow. No one can move fast enough in a situation like this.

I blame no one. It has been documented that New Orleans knew this could happen. It sits below sea level on the gulf coast. In my opinion, If you live in a place like this it your duty as a citizen to know that this (Katrina) could happen.

In this wonderfull age of instantaneous communication, Hurricaines, category 5 or otherwise, do not repeat, DO NOT "sneak up on you". Local and state officials had time to react. Federal officials had more than enough time to react to the result of poor planning on the part of state and local officials.

I blame the people. All people, with the exception of the tribe that I trust and run with. I blame the poor and I blame the wealthy. I blame poor communication. I blame the press that constantly creates a "Boy Who Cried Wolf" scenario every time a tropical depression rolls through in September.

Ocean surface temperatures are rising, if only slightly. Science has shown that this has increased tropical storm intensity. Whose to blame for that? Drive that SUV and you are. So am I for driving my car.

I should retract a previous statement, " I blame no one"
I blame everyone except myself. I am a "normal" American. Shame on me.

An open message to everyone: Monkey's can point a finger too. Think of that as you lie down in bed tonight, surrounded by four walls and a roof. Think of that the next time you take a drink of clean water. At lunch while you are eating whatever you are eating, find someone to blame. Think of this as you are hugging your dog, cat, husband, wife, mother, father, son or daughter.

Better yet, think of a way you can help with the immediate problem. Be a part of the solution, not part of the problem. I am deeply saddened by pet and human losses on our Gulf Coast.

" In my dreams, I see a world where people take responsibility for their own actions."



Mating calls

This is my first post in awhile...Please be kind!

As many of you know, Hombre and I have been in our current location for quite some time now. We have been here since February. Time flies faster than a .50 cal bullet from an Apache helicopter. (Warning! Semi Graphic war footage!)

Hombre and I have enjoyed peace in this territory since Late May. However; The indigenous species of Male and Female alike, have begun to migrate back into the area. Apparently, their mating season begins in early August, as the females can be seen wandering down their pathways worn from last year. Their mating calls can now be heard in the early evening, but in my experience here, they are nocturnal creatures. Soon, their wailing will be heard for many Metres at 3:00 AM. I hope to post the sounds of their mating calls soon, if Yelladog will assist me in this matter.

Hombre and I have come across several fine specimens, although some seem fearfull of my markings. I have made numerous attempts at befriending the frightened ones, but they merely scamper off down the trail. When they are frightened, they drop their eyes and their shoulders are slung low, as if in omega status avoidance.

I have not seen many females of the species since last June. Their bodily coverings are still quite scant, allowing a better view of their true physical structure. Their skin seems darker than it was last March. I am told this is due to their unprecedented migration South in the Spring. Most Southern species of moderate intelligence migrate North as climatic conditions get warmer. I am mystified by the creatures here, but who am I to say?

Stay tuned, as I'll soon be recounting my experience with the Males in the area...


Ringing the "Peak Oil" Bell

They say this is the year. I say we have it coming. This article was composed by your truly, shortly after witnessing an anti-war demonstration months ago...When I think of the war in Iraq, I often play the song "War Pigs" and slam my fist into the air...

Nemo me impune lacessit...

To my Republican and Democrat friends.Please remember that I am as Bi-partisan as they get. I call myself a member of neither of these tribes. I am proud to call myself Independent. Please don't stain that word by associating it with politics...

I imagine that once upon a time, people voted for a candidate because they admired and respected him/her. Voted for them to get something they wanted instead of to get rid of something they didn't want. I would be willing to wager that probably twenty five of the almost fifty percent of the people that voted for Kerry, did so not because they loved what he stood for, but to get Bush out of office. A truly sad commentary...

The Media Brain Washing Machine tells me that it is beginning to look as though we are a nation divided almost exactly in half. The Democrats bitch about the Republicans and Vice Versa. A petty little war in and of itself, accented with labels for our system of belief and our ideas. To some, I appear as "Right Wing" as they get. Maybe I collect and carry guns. Maybe I do approve of the war in Iraq. I do believe that you take an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth. Lest we forget, what motivated this war in Iraq. I am not in favor of oil in lieu of American lives lost during 9/11/01

I'll tell you one thing. If George Bush ever condescends to call me a member of his capitalist tribe, I'll take off my glove, slap his face with it, and challenge him to a duel at twenty paces at dawn.

------"I carry big guns and shoot little cans off of big posts." I carry the truth...--------

This war in Iraq is all George Bush's fault, right?...So "The Democrats" tell me, anyway. Starting this war in Iraq to get the oil, right? Absolutely! Who is he to invade another country, simply to fatten our oil supplies. Who does he think he is?. Who, What, Where, When, Why and How are important questions to address when concerning this war in Iraq, but being the free thinker I am, I'll begin this rant by asking the really scary question, "How many?"

Let's throw Republican and Democrat right out the window for the time being, open our eyes and have a look at some math. Math is as left brained and un-debatable as it gets. Let's look at some "mean" numbers.

Q: How many Sport Utility Vehicles are on the road in America?

A: According to this http://www.cnn.com/US/9910/19/suv.survey/
There were 13.8 Million of these miracles of modern transportation on US roads in 1997. We all know that number has grown dramatically, but for our purposes we'll just use that number and year so that no one might dare call my numbers skewed. We all know it's higher than that by now.

Let's view the average fuel economy of these wasteful behemoths that
clog my roads and endanger my safety on a daily basis. http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/FEG2005_GasolineVehicles.pdf Scroll on down to page 8 to get to the SUV Fuel economy ratings. Let's just call the average an (overly) optimistic number like 20 MPG. If we take the number of miles traveled and divide it by the average MPG rating, we achieve a resultant number of gallons of fuel consumed in America, in a one year period. ONE YEAR. Recent statistics have shown that the average American drives an average of 15,000 miles per year. Now let's do the math on that: 13.8 Million SUV's multiplied by 150000 equals 207,000,000,000 That's Two Hundred Seven Billion Miles, in one year, in
America alone. So if we take the number of mile traveled (207,000,000,000) and divide it by 20(MPG) we get 10,350,000,000 Ten billion three hundred fifty million gallons for the year 1997 alone, including only America and only Sport Utility Vehicles. "But Rom, George Bush is such an ass..." Shut up, I aint done yet...

Using the same numbers in the survey above, we see that in 1997, Sport Utility vehicles accounted for just under a mere 50% of vehicles sold in the US. One barrel of oil, which contains roughly 42 Gallons of oil produces roughly 20 gallons of Gasoline. You do the math on the rest. I don't want to. It makes me want to ask Yelladog if I may borrow the mop from his mop bucket so that I might beat myself to death with the handle.

"Bush's war for oil"..? My fucking ass it is. We as Americans, (Or shall I say, "We the people") have been gobbling down oil since the 1950's the way a whore gobbles cock for money. No restraint and no moral qualms about doing it. For years we have chosen to ignore the fact that maybe the supply was finite. Plenty to go 'round, right? Wrong. Blame it on Bush, that's much more convenient than maybe doing a little introspection as to why we are currently running in short supply.

No one likes a dirt road except maybe me and a few others. Most people prefer to drive their cars an asphalt, park on asphalt, etc... Pave that driveway baby, cuz the dirt requires maintenance. Dirt driveways wash out when it rains. They get muddy etc...I got a news flash for you. Asphalt requires crude, among other things which are, crayons, plastics (I know we love our plastics), heating oil, jet fuel, ( Gotta fly somewhere? A 757 consumes enormous amounts of (What?) ________ on takeoff ) Synthetic fibers and tires, just to name a few.

If you wish to point an indicting finger for the war in Iraq, point it at Bush, but while you're at it, point it in the mirror. Point it at me and your family tree. Point it at Henry
Ford. Point it at the radical Muslims and their Jihad. Point your finger straight up in the air and sit on it and wiggle for all I give a shit, but remember... Until you're ready to ween yourself from the teat, give up the crude, Gasoline and other products that come with, or at least show a little self restraint when consuming, suck it up.

"Bush's Economy" Here is another snappy little catch phrase the Democrats and press adore. Again, bullshit. Economists were predicting an economic downturn LONG before Bush got in office. Read this article written in September of 2000. It is one among many predicting our economic fate : http://www.reviewjournal.com/lvrj_home/2000/Sep-14-Thu-2000/business/
More on this later...

Is Bush mentally challenged? In my opinion, yes. Did he go about straightening out this 9/11/01 shit in the best way possible? In my opinion, no. Is he handling the economic downturn as well some might? No. Is he cutting my taxes as an employer the way he promised? No. Is he doing what amounts to be an impossible job trying to straighten out what we have been fucking up for decades? Absolutely. Is he doing it well? No.

You want to change it? Don't whine about Bush and his war for oil. Scream at your local County and State officials and tell them you want Mass Transit that works. Biodiesel buses, Hybrid trains, with a real Schedule that runs late into the night. If you get it, use it. Sell that Glaxie 500 and buy a hybrid. Start car-pooling. Walk the
three blocks to the store to get that 16 OZ Coke. Ride a motorcyle for tansportataion, or better still, ride a bicycle. When I see some real effort from Americans to cut back on their use of products derived from the crude, then and only then, may you whine about the war in Iraq.

Upon the next completion of your real or imagined civic duty to verbalize on how terrible George Bush and this war in Iraq is, hop right in that beast you call a car or even worse a truck and go suck up a few more barrels of crude. You consume it and George Bush is Buyin a round for ya! Drive around and think about it. Winter is almost upon us. As you stand inside your warm cozy house and wait for the ice to begin to melt off the windows of your running car, think about our people in Iraq. As you watch the thin white plumes of exhaust stir genly in the air, know that the Deserts and cities of the Middle East can be a terrifying place to be.

Carry on...Carrion?



Random Happenings

Today, I'm recovering from a iniquitous 48 hour virus. One that lays you out flat for two days and (thankfully) vanishes as quickly as it appeared. My fever spiked at 102.3 f on Monday night. It felt as though someone was jabbing oyster knives in my joints and I was as weak as the Bush family character. I gave my body what it needed...Two days of sleep and lot's of water. Toady, I took one of those thirty minute scalding showers, reserved for post illness filth cleansing and opened all of the windows in the apartment. I ate a breakfast that would suit two lumberjacks.

Hombre was a champ through the whole ordeal (of course) bothering me only when absolutley necessary, ie: To avoid piddling and crapping around the apartment. He occasionally licked my face to make sure I was alive, but other than this, he slept dutifully by my side and kept an eye on me.

Despite the looming mental haze that is only associated with two days of high fever and too much sleep, I was feeling frisky this afternoon. Hombre wanted to go for a walk and so did I. We walked out of the apartment and into a bountifull day of sunshine, and 63 deg. f. The air was dry and crisp. We walked down the driveway, that meets what is usually a heavily travelled thoroughfare, especially at 5:00 PM. It's typically the sort of traffic that makes me walk my lazy ass to the store instead, of stewing in it.

Recall my state of mind here...Post 102 fever and the associated 48hrs of squirrelley loop dreams...

We got to the bottom of the driveway and saw a police car creeping slowy. Hombre looked south and started barking. I looked that direction and saw it...

There were about Twenty Five horses, sauntering down the middle of the three lane road in a pack. Their riders were dressed in Confederate Civil War uniforms...The police had traffic blocked and were blipping their sirens. I rubbed my eyes and wondered how long I had been asleep...A Charlie Daniels song ripped through my fever taxed brain. I can't remeber the name of it, but one of the chorus's is "The south's gonna do it again". I stood there for about fifteen seconds, slack jawed...wondering if the south had done it again...We watched and Hombre barked. They passed and kept moving...I grinned from ear to ear...

Very random and a very good way to merge onto my road of wellness. It's the random shit like that, which keeps me on my toes in an odd little town like this. This the sort of thing that makes me glad I moved back here.


Making Linux my bitch and another rat

A day of delusional grandeur in Romulus's world. To the experts I know, perhaps an insignificant detail in another day. To me a mountain moved. I successfully dowloaded, burned an ISO of and installed a Mandrake OS on my old 633 machine.

I am proud. Hombre has no idea why. He is too busy stalking another rat in the kitchen. Persistent little bastards. They will not leave us be. Neither of us has slept in four days. He's had his sights on it twice, but has yet to lock in. He just can't get enough of a grip on the hardwood floor in the kitchen to maneuver at full speed.

The more people I talk to, the more I realize it's a general rather than concetrated problem around here. Mid summer, I start shopping for another house in the country if funds allow. Too much noise pollutuion, light pollution and too many pests, rodent and otherwise in this area for my sidekick and I.